Emphasizing popular science, how to choose the right dress?

Speaking of dresses, they are the hearts of many female prisoners.

If you wear the right dress, it can turn into a fairy in seconds.

But the dress feels like a goddess.

How do I feel like an aunt next door?

That’s because we don’t choose what fits us according to our physical characteristics.

Today, focus on popular science, from the overall body to the part of how to find your dress!

                                 Choose according to body shape


The human body is not made of a template. It is divided into five types: A, H, V, Y and X and O. Among them, X is the most standard and the most desirable figure for most people. It not only has curves, but also has a full chest and buttocks. So the remaining four figures need to be highlighted.


A-shaped pear figure: This figure is mostly slender upper body, thick legs and round hips, the whole pear shape, and Asian women are mostly for this figure, so when wearing clothes, it is necessary to avoid exposing the shortcomings of lower body obesity, but also to make the upper and lower body look harmonious as a whole.

For most of the figure-friendly A-shaped dress is the first choice. While the waist line is emphasized, the expanded skirt will also make the lower body converge. It is very suitable to choose a long suspender skirt with ankle length and moderate upper body exposure.

T-shaped skirt mainly extends the shoulder line, balances the upper and lower body, or presents an inverted triangle pattern. This kind of dress with shoulder pads can also choose short skirt, and the legs are not too thick, while H-shaped open-shoulder dress is also suitable, but pay attention to the waistline, add a waistband.


H-shaped rectangular figure: This figure is actually better to wear clothes, because the limbs are thin or balanced, the main defect is that there is no curve, especially the waist, so the whole person looks flat, and when choosing skirt, we should depict the waist line while not overdo it.

A-type dress is also applicable, because the waist-closing type helps the H-type emphasize waistline. If the V-collar element can be added, it can increase the feminine feeling and look elegant. Even if the legs are exposed, they are advantages, so don’t hide them.

T-shaped and H-shaped dresses are also suitable, emphasizing that shoulder line, neckline and waist line seem to be a law for girls with H-shaped body. Here we can refer to the famous woman Olivia palermo, H-shaped body is not suitable for skirts that are too tight, but will expose defects, and there is no problem with slight self-cultivation.


V-shaped inverted triangle figure: also known as Y-shaped figure, mainly shoulder is very wide, and larger than the hip, will give the impression of the skeleton of the people, but the lower limbs are relatively slender, this figure as long as you can carefully deal with and avoid shoulder width, you can wear a perfect figure.

Because of the shoulder width and huge body, people with V-shaped figure choose dresses to avoid shoulder exposure as much as possible. If it must be exposed, wide shoulder straps are the best choice, A skirt is also suitable, V-collar can extend the upper body, and wide skirt can balance the figure.

H-shaped dress is also a good model to deal with V-shaped figure, shifting everyone’s attention to wide shoulders to the lower body, and when choosing skirt, you can expose your legs as far as possible, but still avoid Shoulder-exposed styles, such as pure-color shirt skirt, lower hem fork also shows elegance, of course, waist body also needs to be emphasized.

O-shaped apple figure: This figure is mostly thick upper body, or slender limbs or lower limbs, but the waist and abdomen meat is obvious, so this figure can not be deliberately emphasized waist line, otherwise the opposite is true.

So you can choose the A-type dress that moves from waist line to breast line, so that the whole line of sight will move up, and then the legs will be exposed, the whole body shape will change, and emphasize that the waist line can choose the high waist line dress, the knee length is appropriate. In addition to V neckline, large round neckline is also applicable, open shoulder sling is taboo.

H-style dress is also applicable, but the emphasis is on the bust line, so that even the ankle-length style can wear the visual effect of extra-long legs, and if it is open-shouldered style, it can only choose a wide shoulder strap or an average sleeveless section.


                   Crossed shoulder skirt           A retro floral dress


                Tie-up waist shirt skirt     Open-ended sleeveless dress

              Selection according to shoulder type


shoulder-to-shoulder       Broad shoulders       Narrow shoulders           Shoulder slip

The local details of dress selection can not be neglected. Here’s the shoulder type. Because everyone’s shoulders are different. The standard shoulder type apart from shoulder shouldered. The rest are wide shoulders, narrow shoulders and slippery shoulders. Please take your seats right now.


Narrow shoulders: Usually narrower shoulders are narrower than buttocks. If the shoulder line is not strengthened, it is easy to wear a pear shape. Therefore, the lotus leaf sleeve style, shoulder cutting, foam sleeve, shoulder pad and so on. This style of dresses are all narrow shoulder girls.


Wide shoulder: It is the widest part of the body that extends horizontally, wider than the buttocks. Therefore, we should avoid the style with shoulder width. Open shoulder, pad shoulder and the complex design of shoulder should be pulled into the blacklist. V-collar is the best style. In addition, open shoulder, single shoulder and wide shoulder strap are feasible. In short, the lighter the shoulder design, the simpler the better.


Slip shoulder: This shoulder type depends on whether the width of the angle from the bottom of the neck to the shoulder is greater than 20 degrees. And the shoulders are in a slippery state, so they can be distinguished very well. Therefore, shoulder decoration is extremely important. For example, the cuff design for extending the shoulder line, the lotus leaf edge and the shoulder pad are all suitable. Big round collar is also good, open shoulder, V collar please pull black.


                     V-neck lace skirt                     Lotus Leaf Edge Dress

Choice according to leg shape


 Normal leg type            X-leg                     O-leg                      XO leg

Leg shape is also the basis for choosing skirt length. Everyone has different legs. It can be divided into X, O and XO. Type X is mainly to close the legs together, showing an X-shaped gap between the thighs and the lower legs. Type O expands outward, showing type O. XO type is not close at the lower leg.


O/X/OX Legs: These three types of legs are due to skeletal reasons. It will cause the shape defect of the leg shape. If you want to wear a perfect figure, you have to cover it up. So the skirt length and ankle style such as H-type fork, A-type can be selected. If the legs are thick and straight, they are completely avoided.


Legs straight and thick: Legs straight, but not thin enough how to do? In fact, this leg type is easier to wear. It gives the impression of being thin. For example, an X-shaped dress with an outspread hem should be more than knee length. It can also be visually stretched. Or wear a long skirt with a high opening. Let the legs appear hidden, sexy and thin.


Thighs thick calf thin: thighs thick natural to cover. Then, if you have thin legs, you can show them as you like. So slightly slim X-shaped dress, knee length. A skirt with slim legs or waist. Expose the whole leg and add high heels. Who knows what your thighs look like?


Hollow-out dark blue medium-length skirt                       Slim knitted dress 

Popular science is here.

There’s a wave of off-topic talk.

I think dresses are suitable for any season and occasion.

Occasionally lazy lazy do not want to match clothes, consider wearing a dress, save worry and worry.

But if you want to wear the goddess feel, you have to learn to choose according to your body shape.

Do you understand?

I hope it will be helpful when you choose a dress.


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