Professional women, conveying pointed high heels, reveal the spirit of mature women

Professional women, conveying pointed high heels, reveal the spirit of mature women.

High heels are “Cinderella’s glass shoes” that make every woman beautiful, so as long as they are women, they must learn to wear high heels, walk light and bright, let people look at them. But having beautiful high heels doesn’t mean every woman looks beautiful. Some women don’t wear high heels. They don’t look very polite, but when they leave they flinch and turn their heads away. Some people even use foot treads to make slippers. Therefore, they must learn to wear high heels again to avoid counterproductive. Let high heels show your different beauty.


By the 18th century, high heels began to become an important element of men’s and women’s fashion. The heels are 3 inches tall, the body is slender and the heel is attached to the sole. If you get a chance to walk into the streets of the 17th century, you will find that all the pedestrians on the streets wear the same style of shoes, because the shoe-making skills of the time can only create a style of high heels.

In the most important period in the history of high heels, the heel of early high heels can only form a funnel shape because of the limitation of shoe making technology and material, that is, the heel shrinks from the sole to the bottom and then expands again. Although the heel can be made straight in the future, but still lack of line beauty. Until the 1950s, nail technology revolutionized high heels.

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